150 x 100 cm.
Lambda on Dibond.
Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.

Español / Deutsch

En Suspensión (On Suspension) was made in different Spanish cities from 2010 until 2016.

The economic crisis, also known as Great Recession, started in 2008. Ever since the unemployment rates in Europe have risen sharply. In Spain of 2014, it was at 55% amongst people under the age of 35, in the general population it remains at 27%.

The economic crisis in Spain has not only caused economic and employment issues, but causes existential problems. Personal needs that affect the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of families aren't met, therefore it has long become a social crisis.

Work is not only a way to earn a paycheck. Work makes us feel alive, we educate ourselves for years and it motivates us to pursue new goals. Without work, we can not fulfill the tasks we were educated to do. This can lead to depression, discouragement and it also absorbs most of the energy that makes us live with enthusiasm.

Catalog of the exhibition “Un País Suspendido“, of Álvaro Martínez, in the Domus Artium (DA2) Museum of Salamanca.
ISBN: 978-84-96603-90-5. Spanish/English

Catalogo - En Suspensión

En Suspensión shows videos and photos, mostly of young people, in their usual work space either at risk of losing their job or noticing a deterioration in their work conditions. It portrays civil servants, scientists, cultural and industrial workers, sportsmen, artists, social workers, ...
They do not appear in normal posture, in a functional state, in motion, but are suspended in the air, immobilized, waiting for a solution for a situation they have not created, but that has reached them anyways.

En Suspensión


This project has been awarded the prize for Visual Arts by the Injuve (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Government of Spain) in 2011. Alvaro Martinez has also received the Valencia Crea Prize (2011) in the Photography category, the second prize of the XII Prize for Young Artists (2012) in the category of video art, organized by the Youth Council of the City of Salamanca, and the prize Screens, within the Festival Incubarte (2012), in Valencia. En Suspensión was first shown in La Tabacalera, Madrid, in the exhibition of Injuve Prize, in 2011.

En Suspensión En Suspensión

Capitalist Melancholia Exhibition at Halle 14 in the Spinnerei, Leipzig, in 2016.

En Suspensión

Alvaro Martínez´ exhibition “Un País Suspendido”, at the Domus Artium (DA2) Museum of Salamanca, Spain, in 2012.