Ongoing project. Photography, book. Berlin, Germany

Island: A place, often utopian, surrounded by water; it is the opposite of a lake, which is water surrounded by a place.

Aimaro Isola

In the spring of 2020, during a tough lockdown and widespread border closures, I set out to escape the city without leaving it, exploring different worlds and enjoying fabulous travels without having to cross the world.

OASIS. The Berlin Archipelago shows a hidden side of the German capital: more than 60 natural, artificial and even floating islands emerging between rivers and lakes, surrounded by thick forests on the outskirts of the big city, where the cement has not yet arrived.

This context attracts Berliners looking to get away for a day from the hectic routine of the big city, but there are also those who have made it their way of life by settling on small pieces of land, voluntarily isolated, surrounded by water.

This archipelago also hides uninhabited islands, protected natural environments where fauna and flora coexist in harmony.

Rohrwall island. Berlin

Group of islands northwest of Berlin
Sailing between islands, we discover what is close to us; a hundred islanders organized as a republic, an unnamed island inhabited by artists, schoolchildren on ferries traveling to their island school, ruins in forgotten places, luxurious villas with a shady past, paradisiacal beaches and private parties on the other side of the shore; 21st century pirates and outsiders reluctant to make contact, the smell of summer, the sensation of freedom.

OASIS is a journey to the periphery of the city, where small communities have settled and adapted their life project to the particular conditions of the environment.

In OASIS, Berlin is an island.

Woman at Entenwall Island

Postcards from an Island The Berlin Archipelago
Book, Map, Pen and Stamps
100-digital copy edition
40 Pages Printed on 300 gr Integra-Karton
14,8 x 10,5 cm

Digital Print on 100 gr Marpa

Postcards from an Island is a photo book with a selection of postcards with photographs, maps, and geographical coordinates of some of the islands that are part of the Berlin Archipelago which I found while traveling aimlessly during the times of Covid lockdown

The Berlin Archipelago 

1. Pfaueninsel
2. Rohrwallinsel
3. Schilfwall
4. Pionierinsel
5. Floating islands
6. Hasselwerder
7. Insel der Jugend
8. Müggelwerder
9. Neu-Venedig
10. Lindwerder (Havel)
11. Zitadelle Spandau
12. Scharfenberg
13. Eiswerder
14. Entenwall
15. Reiswerder
16. Kleiner Wall
17. Humboldtinsel
18. Lindwerder (Tegeler See)
19. Baumgarteninsel
20. Lock island (Landwehrkanal)
21. Nameless island (Jungfernheideteich)
22. SpreeArche (Floating island)
23. Nameless island (Nelly-Sachs-Park)
24. Nameless island (Nonnendamm)
25. Tegeler Insel
26. Schlossinsel and Köpenick
27. Luiseninsel (Tiergarten)
28. Floating University
29. Nameless island (Siemensbahnbrücke)
30. Floating island (Coworking Space)
31. Schwanenwerder
32. Wannsee-Insel
33. Liebesinsel (Britzer Garten)
34. Lohmühleninsel
35. Valentinswerder
36. Baumwerder
37. Maienwerder
38. Großer Wall
39. Imchen
40. Kälberwerder
41. Spreeinsel
42. Liebesinsel (Spree)
43. Kratzbruch
44. Bullenbruch
45. Großer Rohrwall
46. Kleiner Rohrwall
47. Weidenwall
48. Werderchen
49. Seddinwall
50. Kleiner Seddinwall
51. Nixenwall
52. Dommelwall
53. Berg
54. Kelchsecke
55. Dreibock
56. Nameless islands (Rahnsdorf)
57. Nameless island (Obersee)
58. Nameless island (Hohenzollernkanal)
59. Nameless islands (Neuer See)
60. Nameless island (Volkspark Friedrich.)
61. Nameless island (Hubertussee)
62. Zeuthener Wall
63. Lock island (Plötzensee)
64. Rousseau-Insel
65. Luiseninsel (Schlosspark Charlottenb.)
66. Nameless island (Spree)
67. Islands in Pichels- and Tiefwerder
68. Mierendorff-Insel
69. Moabit-Insel
70. Schmöckwitzer Werder