2012. Photography 
Warsaw, Poland

Through the Window shows the consequences of the discordant evolution of the Polish society and economy, a problem which, for various reasons, also affects many other countries.

The recent changes, such as the shift to a capitalistic system in the early 90ies and the entry to the European Union, still haven't entirely stabilized in Poland, which shows in the huge socio-economic disparities that exist until today.

Walking through the streets of Warsaw we can notice these differences. The imposing skyline in the financial center creates an attractive silhouette of the city that has been referred to as the praised "economic miracle in Poland," which doesn't correspond with reality. In the more populated regions, many houses are severely damaged.

Through the Window alludes to this idea by showing photographs of different buildings of Warsaw. These photographs, in circular shape, are made of two concentric images, one within the other. The exterior photos show modern buildings located in the financial center of the city, imposing and clean, with facades made of mirrors or noble stone. The inside pictures show houses located around the financial center, mostly homes of middle class citizens. These buildings are in poor condition, unclean, sometimes covered with shrapnel marks from the Second World War, blackened due to the industrial phase of the socialist era. Mortar facades have fallen off, revealing the poverty of a spoiled and sandy brick.

Project developed during a residency for artists in Warsaw, curated by Anarella Martínez Madrid, funded by the Embassy of Spain in Warsaw and Berlin and in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw, where it was first exhibited at the exhibition “HIC ET NUNC“, in 2012.

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