2018-2023. Photography (35mm), film (Super-8), book 
Mostly in Burgos, Spain

At home we still keep the Super-8 films, slides and albums with photographs from years ago where my grandparents, my uncles, my cousins, my parents or my brother and me appear with friends in Hurones; also family scenes, snacks, summer camps, my father with the tractor, the mountains, the village festivals, the snowfalls in winter, barbecues by the pool, the Playa de la Concha in San Sebastian with my aunt, school trips and other great little moments.

However, the habit of the family album with printed photographs has long been lost and suddenly memories of everyday moments are somehow missing.

I belong to a generation that has been able to choose where they want to make their home. Today there are many facilities when it comes to crossing borders and starting a new life. Some emigrate of their own free will and others are forced to do so for a variety of reasons.
In my case I came to Germany years ago due to the impossibility of finding a job in Spain, but I miss my homeland and my family, so I come back whenever I can.
I have the impression that when I return to Spain, my perspective is that of an emigrant who has missed some of the things that have happened there and, when I return, it is easier to surprise me with little things.

When I return I have the feeling of reliving the summer of my childhood; we go to the village, take long walks by the river, have vermouth with friends before lunch, take care of the house and have a late dinner on the terrace.

0034 (Interantional spanish calling code) is a photography and Super-8 film project that I continue every time I return to Spain. It consists of photographs and films that show everyday and spontaneous scenes together with my people, the culture, the gastronomy and the geography of northern Spain.

is the diary of an emigrant when he returns to his roots. It is a project without great pretensions; it is (just) a family album.

My cousin Ihara enjoying the countryside