2016-2017. Photography, archives and documentation
Berlin, Germany

Brotlose Kunst* is an archive with several photographic series that were created with the intention of transforming my personal expenses, mainly food, into professional expenses (becoming the central object of this photography project) serving me as a survival strategy as a freelance artist and as an act of protest, reducing the annual income tax of 2016 and thus being able to continue my activity as a freelancer.

“Stillleben 05. 13,43

* In German, Brotlose Kunst is an expression used to refer to low-paid professions or occupations with few future prospects. Translated into English literally means "Art Without Bread".

“Burger 09. 6,70

Like any self-employed person, but even more dramatically, an artist is not entitled to unemployment benefits or to continued payment of wages in the event of temporary incapacity for work due to illness; nor is he or she entitled to paid leave. The uncertainty that this entails is widespread and is considered standard in the artists’ field of work. 

It has become normalised that those of us who can make a living from art should consider ourselves fortunate to be able to make and show our work under these conditions, sometimes working more than 40 hours a week without any kind of remuneration.
Income Tax Return 2016
Income Tax Return 2016

In 2017, “Brotlose Kunst” was presented for the first time at GlogauAIR, Berlin, during the AUCH WENN ES FLUCHT BEDEUTET art festival